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I want to be a good animator one day it’s one of my dreams.

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croxsibid's News

Posted by croxsibid - 2 weeks ago

Character's that are going to be in the termination remake, some scenes are going to be hand drawn and bill is the cowboy just so you know. I also took the time to make the characters design look more like now in today's madness. iu_479652_5529285.gif



Posted by croxsibid - September 19th, 2021


I finished the animation for remake of my previous animation "TERMINATION", but if I was to post it now or on madness day, people would not have liked it because I know my self I still did a bad job at it so what I'm doing now is I deleted it and instead of going straight into it I'm going to plan it with story boards and rough drawings. I've been busy a lot recently with collage and I've been watching madness animator's on how they animate and looking up hand drawn tutorials. because the animation I want to remake is going to transition between symbol animation to hand drawn, I really do want to be part of the madness community but I know I have to do my part on it. the pictures you see now are the first scene of the animation and it includes character's such as hank jr and Billy, but that all I'm going to show for now.



Posted by croxsibid - April 4th, 2021

What's being reasonable?iu_272084_5529285.jpg


Posted by croxsibid - November 25th, 2020

iu_199783_5529285.jpgI decided to rework the drawing I had before, what do you guys think of it?


Posted by croxsibid - September 23rd, 2020

I’ve been thinking of making a remake of HARDSHOT because I got some feed back from it so before I actually get to the movie I want to make I might as well remake the animation HARDSHOT I will try and take a long time I do want to prove that I am willing to do and improve, before and I’ll be honest I would rush a little but seeing all the feed back from you guys I want to remake it and I’ll make it fast paste like real madness I’ll do my best to not disappoint this time.

Posted by croxsibid - September 22nd, 2020

Happy madness day everyone I wish I could’ve been a part of it, but I don’t have anything to share but the animation of madness I have in mind will take years to complete because I want to try and make it like a actual movie at least 1 hour that’s the plan that I have that’s if my computer will handle it but I already have the title of it and what it’s going to be about, it will take longer especially when I’m going to do it by myself by hand drawn to symbol animation of madness let alone the music so if anyone is interested of helping me with this movie message me and I’ll explain what the animation will be about If you want to help but I can’t wait to see everyone’s awesome work today and have a amazing day.


Posted by croxsibid - September 12th, 2020

characters that I'm going to use for a hand drawn animation of madness will include a remake mag agent of torture, crusher's have no hands just to let you know. I also got myself a sketch pad to help me out the last short animation i made with the grunt pulling a shotgun out his but was with a mouse and that was hard but its easier now with a sketch pad.iu_166937_5529285.png

Posted by croxsibid - August 28th, 2020

here's a hand drawn animation I made and I had fun doing this but I think its alright, just for practiceiu_161562_5529285.gif


Posted by croxsibid - August 24th, 2020

iu_160261_5529285.pngpracticing hand drawn animation for madness


Posted by croxsibid - August 20th, 2020

going to make an animation of stupid things that I've seen or happened to me in video games this is the beginning of what I'm going to work on and no its not madness I'm going to try something different before I get back into madness, I'm doing this first not only for laughs but to test myself the animation of madness that I have in mind is going to take years alone so I really want to improve myself before I do it. I want to make an animation like no other in madness combat, and will be remembered by others lots of action but have some story to it of course might take me 6 years maybe less maybe more depending on the things I want to add I already made some sketches on paper before I start the movie of madness and I've been practicing and I know my animations are shitty and I want to change that. a month ago I've been practicing free form and frame by frame madness I'm doing better than expected but not ready to show it yet, but I really want to become a good animator I really do its what gives me a purpose to go forward and try to improve myself and confidence. but for now I'm working on this and I'm about to start my semester of college next week so that's going to slow things down a bit and wish me luck ill really need it.

ps. this picture is just rough sketch right now its going to be a animated intro.