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Posted by croxsibid - September 25th, 2018

So recently when I was making my new madness animation, I was close to finishing it I just needed to add the effects and credits I saved it and it crashed I thought it was nothing thinking it would still be there apparently the both of my files of the animation (one for back up Incase something was to happen) decided to get corrupted and I couldn’t open them at all I looked up ways of how to fix them nothing worked, isn’t that great to put so much effort to your work then it just goes corrupted for nothing I’m so upset right now but I guess I can start I different animation I had in mind for a while already have most of the characters finished just need to make like three more then I’m ready to start but that’s what I wanted to say about the progress I lost so yea lol


Posted by croxsibid - July 25th, 2018

well I started making the new animation about a week back making very very little progress and didn’t expect it to be this hard I’m adding soooooo much stuff into it than I usually do and putting lots of detail into it now I know what a other animators feel like lol but I’m really slow when it comes to ideas and being creative but I’m am trying I don’t think I’ll finish it on madness day but I’ll try to get it done still trying to find some music for the animation more of horror and dupstep drum and bass so If anybody knows some music like that let me know it be much appreciated.

Posted by croxsibid - May 11th, 2018

Hey it’s been a while since I posted anything on new grounds it’s because I’ve mostly been practicing madness animations from time to time I’m improving I am I’m currently working on an animation of madness I’m at 5000 frames already I’m gonna try to get it done before madness day if I can’t then I’ll post it anyways lol I’m really putting a lot of effort into it  so I hope it comes out good and I do still have time if anybody wants me to join a collab if ya want me to anyways I’ll catch you guys later.